Monday, July 19, 2010

How to go on a holiday in socialite style?

This summer, Olivia is spending some time in Europe. She went to Paris for fashionweek, to the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Berlin, and spent some time on Valentino's yacht in Sardinia, Italy. Read her visual postcard from Paris to Vogue here and watch an interview at the Hugo Boss fashion show in Berlin here.

Now, what to pack on a socialite holiday?
First of all: NEVER underpack, and NEVER NEVER go too casual! Wear white, silky dresses, retro sunglasses (read about them in this post), designer handbags, and expensive jewellery. Go for stylish one-piece swimwear in leopard print and ask your model boyfriend to give you a refreshing shower.

The white dress and the bathing suit are both by DVF.


  1. stunning! love her swimsuit!

  2. I like so much her style! She's always an inspiration!!
    I wrote this post about olivia and her silver ballerinas...look if you like!

    kisses, gaia

  3. New article about Olivia on asos magazine at asos! check it out, its to die for!

    xoxo from HI

  4. That is one awesome swimsuit xx