Thursday, July 9, 2009

once you go black...

Olivia loves black. But she always manages to brighten things up with colourful or sparkling accessories.

Besides yellow shoes and purses, Olivia's favorite accessory is her German-born model boyfriend Johannes Huebl. (his nickname: 'Joe Hotness') The two have been dating for several months now. It seems like Olivia not only chose a good man, but also a matching closet. They always look so good together!


  1. Bedankt voor je bericht!

    Olivia heeft echt een prachtige stijl! Leuk dat je een blog over dr hebt gemaakt.

  2. LOVE THE 2nd!

    I don't like her very much... but her style is really cool, simple but always cool! =)

  3. Dear LA,
    my blog is not about her personality. It's about her style. I don't think i can judge about her as a person just by watching 'the city' or reading about her. I admire her great sense of fashion.

  4. Hi K,
    Thank you for your effort of putting this blog together. I enjoyed it very much while im here :)