Wednesday, July 22, 2009

déjà vue

When i saw this outfit, it reminded me a lot of the chanel style. This outfit breaths class and elegance, and gives you a Saint-Tropez kind of feeling. The silhouette is so simple, yet so luxurious. Timeless beauty.

above: chanel inspiration


  1. she's a beautiful uptown girl with a great (almost perfect) style, but i dont like her personality in the City, i hope its all acting!

  2. Amaazing! love it =) it reminds me a bit of Chanel too... she's really sweet&smart!

  3. We have to go to Topshop en buy that Chanel style jacket as soon as possible!!! She looks great as always!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. I really love that look. Love the Chanel version more but hey...who can beat Chanel...right?

  5. Hey!
    I love your blog, I like her style...but not her personality.... but the City is best!
    I´m so going to follow your blog!! :D

  6. butterfliesaroundkim, Mia : Personally i think it's acting, let's hope :) But no matter how 'bitchy' she is, the girl knows how to dress!

    Alice: Chanel is the best, nobody can beat that! :)

    Mia: thank you so much!

    All the other lovely visitors: thanks for leaving a comment. I love to read them.

  7. Love this look!

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  8. That outfit is beautiful, so classy!

  9. This look is so great i love it ! this is so nice & pretty classy too