Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Olivia's style guide for a trip to the beach

These are the things you need when you go on a beach vacation:

a colorfull cover-up,

big sunglasses, flip flops,

a large pink beach towel, (that's right Johannes!)

a boyfriend that carries your beach bag..
... and makes sure you've got enough sunscreen on.
These are the things you need to do on a beach vacation:

Show some love
show a bit more love..

just show a LOT of love.

Then pack your beach it-bag (don't forget the pink towel - Thanks Johannes!)

and go home. (with a tan)


  1. haha! you are so funny! really like this post!!

  2. ahaha...we need also a model boyfriend!
    she's beautiful i like her beach style!

  3. great post! xD

    love olivia. S.

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  5. Hey, I really like your Blog!
    Olivia Palermo is soo lovely & her styles are stunning!
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  6. Does anyone know where Olivia's pink and white printed kaftan is from? It's so beautiful!

  7. un post genial!!.. adoro a Olivia Palermo.. para mi es la it girl por excelencia!
    te invito a pasarte por mi blog y si te gusta me sigas..
    Besos enormes

  8. Really do love your blog, so lovely! Would appreciate if you'd come and visit mine as well, if u like to..

  9. haha this was a great post!! Love your humor!

  10. Olivia was featured in today's Who What Wear story! If your inspired by her fashion sense you have to check it out.

  11. I love this post, it's so funny:) Greetings, Paulina:)

  12. Anyone know where Olivia got the giant pink beach towel??? Love it!! Please help me find one.....