Saturday, November 20, 2010

Basic Black

With cool weather moving in, we want to stay warm but look stylish at the same time. From day to night, you can never go wrong with a classic black outfit, that is if you play it by the rules. It's important to vary textures, and pay more attention to the details.

Let's spy on Olivia, the master of mixing up different textures. Olivia shows us how to make an all black outfit interesting and chic. She makes this timeless style rock, at every occasion: it looks professional at work, comfortable during shopping, and stylish at a dinner. Most of the time, she goes for gold jewelry. To add even more glamour, she wears sunglasses or a (faux) fur scarf with it.

At night, Olivia likes to put on a timeless black dress. She injects a pop of color into her outfit through the accessories. The all black outfit really draws attention to spectacular shoes or an amazing clutch. At a gala event, she keeps all the eyes on the dress by pulling her hair back, and to add a bit of mystery she wears a smokey eye.

Please tell me what your favorite day or night-time outfit is!


  1. lovely dresses!

  2. I love Olivia Palermo i like so mch her style

    kisis from

  3. Love Olivia!She is always so stylish!!

  4. My favorite outfit for the day is the second one and for the night it would be the leather black dress! :)


  5. WOW
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  6. Thank you very much for your comment! I had no idea we were neighbours ;) Are you curvy too?


  8. The last one!! Thanks for the breakdown, she is so classically good at dressing :)

  9. hard to decide... i love the fur vest and fur jacket look. as for the evening i like the leather with the yellow shoes!

  10. i LOVE your blog! She's one of my fav fashionista!

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    I love Olivia!
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  12. she looks great in black. it is a sophisticated look but she also gives it a touch of glam.
    love your site

  13. Brilliant! Black is always in and a must for colder weather.

    On another note, I was wondering can anyone identify this vest she wore here?
    I saw it in Olivia Palermo Hearts NYC video and fell in love with her entire outfit. I know her leather pants are Darryl K and the sweater and shoes are Topshop but anyone know about the vest? Is it Zara, Topshop, etc? I hope someone can help out, please?

    Anyways thank you for continuing to update this blog I really enjoy seeing your posts and am so thankful you continue to update it even though we don't see her on tv anymore. :)

  14. Wow!
    She looks amazing in black!

  15. the final dress is incredible!! but all the looks are fantastic...

  16. I totally love her style,she's amazing ! And your blog is really cool,love all those photos of Olivia :) please check out my blog about fashion and tell me If You like it : thanks :*

  17. This was a really good post! Thank you for sharing :) This gives me an idea of how to put some clothes together. :) Olivia has such great style!

  18. Love all these looks. Love all black outfits xx

  19. I love Olivia´s style .
    Really , is fantastic , incredible.
    No words to drescribe.
    Kiss from
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  20. Love The basic Black!! also the weist pants!

    Awsome your reserch!

    Greetings from México

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE her style. I hope you visit my fashion blog I have very similar taste to Olivia. She is built perfectly. Love your blog.