Sunday, June 20, 2010

Olivia Palermo for Freda AW 10/11

Olivia is a spokesmodel for the Matches exclusive fashion label Freda. "The whole idea of the Freda collection is that it is wardrobe staples with a chic, cool edge. That's how Olivia dresses." sais Freda designer Joanna Sykes. Read a short Q&A about it here.

Watch the AW campaign video below!

What do you think?


  1. Hey!!
    I usually don't visit any blogs but yours is sooo great!!
    love all the different things you are posting!! I just have to follow
    thanxxxx for that <3

  2. She's so beautiful!

    Your blog is great! Thanks for all your work.

  3. though she's not dancing like Kate Moss, it reminds me of Kate Moss' video for her line with TOPSHOP same music too!!! But i love Olive P!

  4. Olivia doesn't have ANY breasts at all, OMG!!! Too skinny, NOT sexy. Hahah I bet her second campaign isn't gonna be any Wonderbra commercial..

    Her face is quite weird in the add, too. Don't know why. Her nose is too long or something but she does looks fab in photos!

    If she'd be feminine it would mean she wouldn't be skinny.

  5. does anyone know what brand the glasses are that she wears in the vid? thanks

  6. Love her!!! She is so amazing!!!


  7. She looks beautiful in pictures but I feel her uppish attitude will always get in the way of making her FEEL aproachable and truly connect with a viewer.