Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear readers, THANK YOU

Thank you all for following my blog and making the time to read my posts! :-)
I have some bad, good, and very good news for you.

bad: The next two months will be very busy for me, I'm still a student and I'm having exams.
So I won't be able to post a lot about our fashion icon.

good: But, because of YOU guys who follow my blog, I will TRY to update you from time to time. It is because of girls like Diana that I like blogging so much! (read her sweet comment here)

very good: After my exams, I have a very long vacation!! Then I won't have any excuses and post a loooooot of things about OP and her gorgeous beau!

For all of you who also have exams: good luck!

PS: Does anyone know where I can watch 'The City'? MTV doesn't allow people from my country to watch the video's anymore!!




  2. lookibg forward to hearing/seeing more from you!

  3. and sooo enoying that mtv does not alow people outside of th us to watch the series anymore!


  4. Good luck on your exams! I completely understand how busy you are and need to focus on that. You are making a good choice! :) I hope you score highly on them. Best of wishes to you.

    Thank you for your wonderful postings. I love your blog.

    I'm so sorry that you are not able to watch MTV in your country. That is very stupid of MTV! They need to fix that. Are you not able to see it online either?

    Wish you all the best. Can't wait until you can post again!!!

    ~Angela, USA


  6. Veel succes met je examens! Ik duim!

  7. Go to, they have links to different sites, and the ones from megavideo is free, and works in most countries. Or, you can try different computers, I can watch mtv from my work computer, but not my computer at home.. wierd. Probably some setttings.

  8. I live in America so it is a little harder for me to navigate your website but it is worth it! I love Olivia and love the outfits that you posted. They inspire me so much. I love your blog and check back everyday for new posts. Good luck on your exams! Mine were just last week.
    :) Alicia

  9. look at my blog :) And then you will find the city, and the hills :)
    You have a great blog!!!
    Good luck with your reading :)

  10. You can find the episode for free her: No nonsense, no surveys you have to fill out, no nothing:


  11. <3 olivia palermo and her styles,
    <3 this blog :) thanks!!
    keep it upp please!

  12. I go to (: look forward to more posting!

  13. i just found your blog and i am so glad someone is finally following Olivia's style! she is amazingly classy and fashion forward, and even though she can't dress me every day, this gives me better ideas!!
    thanks for doing this blog.

  14. Hey :)
    i'm following your blow now for 2 weeks and it's great! i really like it!
    and if you want to watch "the city" try to look up here:


    the last link is the best one, I think!
    good luck with your exams :)

  15. I love love love your blog!! AND TRY MTV.CA !!! Or

  16. Hi!
    Follow Olivia at facebook;!/OliviaPalermo?v=wall&story_fbid=401283373446
    I posted you blog there, and she loved it :)
    Keep up the good work, and good luck with your exams!

  17. Hi Olivia I'm a brazilian reader,I saw you in elle magazine Brasil! You're soooo fashion, beautiful and cute ! I'm here to know what hapens in the fashion world and to train my english !(with my dictionary some times hahaha)
    Nice to meet u ! Kisses Bibi

  18. try

  19. Congratulations for the bog, Olivia. I think it is realli fantastic.

    Take a look, if you have time to my blog:

  20. Not really but really ;-)

    Warmest regards and Congratulations AGAIN&AGAIN,


  21. You can watch it here
    I love your blog!

  22. I'm watching it in Germany. TvShack. I Like Your Site... Maria

  23. Hi,
    I am such a fan of your blog! I really like how you categorize all her looks and link them together; like the LBD and the leather leggins etc. It's very neat - LOVE IT!

    Anyway good luck on your exams, I finish mine on monday..

    PS. This is a great blogg to watch hills and city, she always uploads the video right after the show is shown on mtv:

  24. I hope this finds you well. I thought you and your readers would be interested to see that we featured Olivia Palermo in this week's Best Dressed list twice!

    See it here:

  25. I love your blogue about Miss Palermo!!! Her look is soooo stylish!!!

    Thanks for all the pictures!!!