Sunday, February 28, 2010

Glitz and Glam!

Olivia in a Matthew Williamson dress, with a vintage Hermes clutch and Kurt Geiger shoes.

A Tibi aubergine paillette beaded zip front jacket paired with a leather skirt.

Olivia is a master in mixing and matching fabrics. Just the right amount of sparkle adds a different dimension to a classic black dress. (Never) too much glitter?


  1. PERFECT!!... as always.
    Just the second picture, The beautiful Mulberry Alexa bag, not the best option for that look, something small would look better, maybe the clutch version... maybe the pink version.

  2. Hey girl, great post. I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award, so check out my blog! xx

  3. Ik vind haar vierde outfit de mooiste!


  4. I absolutely love your blog(: and Olivia has the best taste ever!
    I am going to a party in May(we are going to celebrate that we are finished with 9th grade) and we are going to dance Les lanciers. Afterwards, we are going to dance to our "own" music. My problem is that I don't know if my dress shall by long or short or how it shall look. What would Olivia suggest?(:

  5. Gabriela: True!
    N: Thank you so much!
    anonymous: keep on following my blog and you'll find out ;)

  6. Woww! Good job on the blog, I like it a lot!
    And I love Olivia, she has suchhhhhhh great style! Keep it up, I wanna see more!! :)