Monday, December 14, 2009

Casual with the boyfriend

Cute casual outfit (comfortable pants, warm sweater, vest, flat shoes and a big bag): check
Sunglasses: check
Sweet little dog: check
Hot and stylish boyfriend: check

me jealous? check


  1. what a greaaaat web page!! thank you, thank you and thank you for such lovely info on THE STYLE ICON OLIVIA!!! cheers and keep up the gooooood work!!!

  2. I love your blog! While I am not a big fan of this girl on the show The City, her style is really flawless.


  3. Love love love Olivia

  4. hey guys. do you think olivias personality in THE CITY is just acting or real?
    and where does olivia come from?i mean her name just sounds spanish i think. and moreover she doesn't look like a real american but i don't know.what are you thinking?

  5. @ eda: I don't think it's a very realistic image of her personality. I think the makers of 'the City' has done a good job in putting together the pieces where she says certain things or makes certain eye glances.. That way you can make everybody look like a bitch :)
    But this is just my personal opinion.. and my blog is about her style!

  6. haha echt super leuk!
    ik denk dat idereen zal wel jaloers worden, mischien omdat het lijkt wel als "the perfect life", toch? haha maar voor ons "mortals" het is geweldig om te kijken! je

  7. OMG
    the German boys are still the hottest,
    and I´m sure, my opinion is not influenced by my German family ;-)
    ..and OP & Jo are a very sweet pair
    -good luck to them.

    LOVE L.<3

  8. @ eda & k :
    I KNOW Olivia´s character in the city is not real and I also know, that she was grown up in connecticut and moved later to New York.
    The name "palermo" is Italian (palermo is the biggest city from the Italian island Sicilia) but I don´t know anything about a connection between this.

    LOVE L.<3

  9. Amazing pics and I luv Olivias style! Congrats!