Sunday, November 1, 2009

Black and Blue

Lately, one of the trends in colour combinations is black and blue. Olivia follows the trend but the items she wears are rather classic. It's more the way she combines all those pieces that makes these two outfits special.

Another girl that follows this trend is Lauren Conrad. Her interpretation of the trend is a little bit younger i think..

Which outfit do you prefer?


  1. Al vind ik Lauren's outfit ook mooi, de outfit van Olivia vind ik toch mooier!

  2. Die leren broek staat haar echt super goed!
    Vind LC haar outfit ook onwijs mooi!

  3. I love the first one outfit! I use to macth a blue coat with any black stuff and also my favourite tee is blue in the front and black in the back, not many people like it but I adore it and I like to combine black and brown as well.


  4. olivia's!!! she has a more sophisticated edge than lauren. although sometimes i love laurens looks too

  5. Je prefere celle de Lauren! Elle est plus jolie.

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